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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Live tweet: follow me at Eddie Izzard tonight.

I'm off to cheer on Eddie Izzard at the final YES to AV campaign rally tonight. I shall be tweeting live if you want to follow me, @richard_morris_ (don't forget both the underscores..)

Meantime, this video is funny...

...but in many ways does the fact that we have to make entertaining films about how easy it is to understand AV sum up the problem? Are we protesting too much?

Anyway: it's a cracking film.


  1. Yet again a completely rubbish demonstration of AV this is explaining clearly why AV is used for the party leaders as they are all CATS! But it is utterly inappropriate for the general party voting as in this example there are only two choices cat or dog which is quite clearly never the case. Very poor effort.

  2. Oh, I thought it was quite a clever analogy - the dog is a Tory (Bulldog, top hat), the cats are all the various elements of the progressive left. Viewed through that prism, it's spot on....