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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

CNN getting geography mixed up? I thought that was Fox News' job.

As one wit has noted on Twitter, this might explain why they can't find Gadhafi anywhere...


  1. What's this? Can't criticize CNN without adding an unnecessary slap at Fox? Trying to prove your credibility with other Labourites? Thanks for bringing this to our attention none-the-less. Regards,

  2. Sorry, I meant Lib Dems! (not Lab.)

  3. Thanks for clarifying on my political allegiances. Nearly had a turn there...:-)

  4. Both of those media networks promote US/UK interventionism in throughout the world and in the Near East especially. A more reasonable, just and moral foreign policy would be non-intervention by other nations (incl. the West) and self-determination for the peoples of those countries.