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Friday, 26 August 2011

David Cameron may well read my blog but Tim Montgomerie doesn't.


Tim Montgomerie's gone off on one.

He wrote a piece in the Evening Standard the other day complaining about Lib Dem influence on government

As I wrote then, if The Tories are complaining we're getting in the way, we must be doing something right.

Anyway, Tim's not taking any notice. Which is fair enough.

And now he's written a piece, entitled "With every passing day the Liberal Democrats are dragging the Coalition further away from the Conservative manifesto."

So kick back everyone and take a well deserved 15 minutes off to consider just how right we must be getting it.

And then lets get right back on with building a more liberal Britain.


  1. When I started reading that I thought he's not painting the achievements in a very positive light.

    Then I realised it was on conservativehome

  2. ha ha, indeed. They are in a RIGHT old grump about us. Bless. i keep
    saying, it can only mean we are doing something right...