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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mark Pack. This one's for you...

Other bloggers and stats enthusiasts (Mark Pack, sit down, grab a coffee, this means you) may enjoy a look at where my blog traffic comes from.

Firstly: referring sites. The top ten reads

1. www.libdemblogs.co.uk
2. www.libdemvoice.org
3. www.google.co.uk
4. carons-musings.blogspot.com
5. twitter.com
6. www.google.com
7. www.facebook.com
8. www.newstatesman.com
9. stephensliberaljournal.blogspot.com

So many special thanks to Caron Lindsay and Stephen Glenn for pushing traffic my way. And I'd advise everyone to post relevant comments and link to your own posts in them on the New Statesman website as it seems to work!

Secondly, where do my readers live. No surprise on number one, but after that...

1. United Kingdom
2. United States
3. Germany
4. France
5. Russia
6. Singapore
7. Canada
8. Ireland
9. India
10. Australia

Yes. I am big in Singapore.

Thanks to everyone who has visited.


  1. What do you mean by link posts on the New Statesman site?

    Do you mean post links to NS articles in your blog? Then what happens?


    Do you mean write comments on NS articles on their site and people will click on you and link through to your blog?

  2. ah no, I mean the latter. I'll go and clarify the piece

  3. Decimal points! I need data with decimal points!

  4. Ah yes. I feel I have been slipshod and let you down!