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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Never mind 4 years time. What happened 12 months ago?

Chris (Lord) Rennard wrote a great piece the other day for Lib Dem Voice about the perils of trying to guess what would happen in 2015 from here - looking back four years to illustrate his point...

This seems especially salient today as everyone gets very excited about the ICM poll giving us 17% share - and as the always sensible Olly Grender has tweeted, you have to look at polls over time, not instant snapshots - unless it's the actual election.

Anyway, I thought, never mind 4 years ago - what happened this time last year? Any ideas?


Would you be surprised to hear that the a momentous global event took place one year yesterday?

One that kept a global audience rapt for the next 2 months.

And at its conclusion, kept many of us up all night to see how it all ended.

It was this.

Funny how quickly we forget these things.

Making it very hard to know what's going to happen in May 2015, don't you think?

PS Interesting follow up story here. Thanks to Paul Kirkley who pointed me in this direction!

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