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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

So. How did 'The Iron Lady' go down?

I'm writing this now having just scheduled posting the trailer for the new Meryl Streep film about Margaret Thatcher earlier. And I'm pondering how it will have gone down.

I know she is not exactly the most popular of politicians amongst anyone likely to be reading my blog. But few would argue that she was the dominant British political figure of the 1980's, and the trailer is extremely well done - when I saw it, I didn't know what it was for, and while I guesssed before the cutaway, that moment you see her is still beautifully executed. And while I am a Lib Dem I am also a political animal, hoovering up books and films about politics across the board, and this looks like an unmissable event.

Also I have a personal reason for putting it up. When I joined the advertising industry in the late 1980's I was played a tape, allegedly of Mrs T in voice training. I have no idea whether it was really what it claimed to be - but it was very convincing. And rather like the trailer suggests.

But even so. I still wondered about putting the trailer up. Because no one in British politics, left or right, seems to generate the ire that Mrs T manages.

I wonder what you've all been thinking about it?

Whether pro or against - I bet you all still watched it though....

PS. Just to cheer everyone up - apparently the Tories are going to hate it...

And also hats off - everyone seems to have kept their principles in tack. The post with the trailer wasn't exactly red hot on the page views front...

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