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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Adopt a Peer. It's a bit like London Zoo does with the endangered animals...

The group Liberal Democrats for Lords Reform (Yes, guilty as charged M'lud) are...well, here's Mark Pack's email which explains it properly.

We're putting together a list of all the Liberal Democrat peers, their views on Lords reform and the best contact details for them.

Once we have a (fairly) full set of data together, we can then start using it to target our campaigning at the key peers we need to persuade or reassure. You can see the list in our Google document - but it has got quite a few gaps at the moment!

So this simple request: could you take a few minutes to pick one peer, have a Google around to see if they have expressed a view so far and if not, drop them an email or letter to ask them their views? If you let me know which peer you have picked and then any information you get, I'll update the spreadsheet.

By all means pass on this email to anyone else who you think might be happy to help.

Many thanks,

Mark Pack
on behalf of Liberal Democrats for Lords Reform

P.S. You can help spread the word and keep up with news on Lords reform by Liking our Facebook page.

I have just spent a few minutes Googling Lord Taverne (was pro, now against, must change that....), so save yourself that one. But if everyone could have a look at the list and then e mail Mark if you know a peers views at mark.pack@gmail.com or just ad it to the comments on this post - well, that would be grand.

Cheers All

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