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Monday, 5 September 2011

Hats off to Chris Fox

Lib Dem Voice has reported that Chris Fox has resigned as Chief Executive of the party, news I have received with both surprise and sadness. I think Chris has done a fantastic job in modernising much of the way the party operates centrally - I guess the most obvious sign of this is the move to new headquarters but I am also conscious of the much better internal communications we now have from HQ - kudos to Helen Duffett who runs it, in a role created under Chris's leadership. The party is now far more financially stable than if was 18 months ago, and this against a background of difficult financial challenges created by the loss of 'short money' when we went into government. Chris has done a fine job and leaves his successor an excellent foundation on which to build.

He's more than earned these plaudits from (first) Nick Clegg and Tim Farron.

Chris has led the party machine through a General Election, our transition to government and through some major organisational and financial challenges. His achievements cannot be overstated and I am personally very grateful to him for his fantastic service to the party.

Chris has been a good friend and a major figure in the party for many years and I know that he will be sorely missed at every level of the party.

I wish Chris all the best for his future and draw confidence from the knowledge that he will always be involved in the party in one capacity or another.

Tim Farron said,

During his years as Chief Executive, Chris has led a process of root and branch modernisation of the party organisation, improving systems, process, transparency and efficiency into every area of our operations.

He has restructured several key functions, including our Policy, Communications, Campaigns and Marketing teams. He has transformed party fundraising, allowing us to raise record amounts for the last election. He has championed the introduction of new election software and recruited and nurtured a very strong central team.

Chris’ other lasting legacy is a modern party organisation, working from a fit for purpose new HQ

And I'd like to add my thanks too. Top job Chris. Hats off.

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