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Friday, 16 September 2011

Today I was sent a note titled 'You need to read this'. I'm glad I did.

I watched the BBC news last night.

Top story was the poor miners trapped in Wales. Fair enough. (And even since I first wrote this, this story has turned even sadder)

Next up was Cameron and Sarkozy rather glorifying themselves in Libya. I didn't find it comfortable viewing.

This was followed by a lengthy report on the Eurozone crisis.

And then more than half way through the programme, in a report lasting 12 seconds (I've been back to check), it was announced that a British soldier had been killed on duty in Afghanistan.

And I thought 'that's not right.

Someone has given his life for his country thousands of miles from home, and we've become so blase as a nation about it that we can place it so far down the running order and dismiss it in a few seconds'.

I felt very unhappy.

And then, co-incidentally this morning I was sent a note entitled 'You need to read this' and it reminded me of last nights news.

Because when I clicked on the link, I found it was a story about a British soldier who has been on duty in Afghanistan, and the reaction of his family and friends when he came home.

It is not what you expect.

And it should make us all stop and think for a bit.

I hope you all click on this link because you need to read this.



Apparently there may be a firewall issue reading the last link on some computers so the full address of the link is http://www.cstthegate.com/davetrott/2011/09/a-matter-of-life-and-death/ . Do copy and past and read it - it's worth it.


  1. Just to note that my security software (Webroot) blocks this link as it flags possible malware...

  2. Thanks - my link works OK but the full link is


    I'm sure if you copy and paste it will work - I'll add that to my piece too.