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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tory Party membership: Desperate Times, desperate measures

For everyone who hasn't seen this yet (and thanks to @rachel0207 who tweeted it to me), it would seem the Tories are getting slightly desperate for members. To the extent that they've just sent out the above e mail (do have a click on the image for a clearer view). Bonuses for joining include...

1. A FREE membership card. That's free mind you. Yes free.
2. A wine voucher. Presumably in an attempt to mitigate any pesky minimum alcohol pricing legisalation they may have to introduce...

I trust none of my readers are tempted.....


  1. No... as much as I do like wine.

  2. Not for all the wine in the world. Think I'll stay where I am because a) I am a Lib Dem and b) I like being in a party where I actually have an influence on policy.

  3. membership benefits:

    - preferential consideration on planning permission
    - exclusive lobbying opportunities
    - 60% discount on duck-houses, (wide range of styles)

    I bet their membership cards are, cards though, not a slip of paper!

  4. Given the note of desperation attached to offering a 'free' membership card, i'm sure if it had any aesthetic quality, this would have been written in large letters!