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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Swearing at the police. Still a really bad idea.

Two things.

First off. All those reports that you can swear at police officers now with impunity? Quite wrong. And, as this rather excellent post explains, not what the judge ruled at all. It's a fascinating read. H/t to @davidallengreen for pointing me in that direction.

Secondly. Swearing generally. The police really don't like it. 

My Mum and Dad are fairly quiet souls and are both in their 70's. The other week they were parked in their local Tesco car park when another car backed in to them.

The other driver leapt out and was immediately very aggressive. Point blank refused to give any of her details.  And swore at my parents - over and over again.

So they took her number plate, drove home and called the police (Cambridgeshire)

Who were brilliant.

And do you know what the police were most irate about?

The driving without due care and attention?
The refusing to exchange details?
Nope. The swearing. Which they said was completely unacceptable.

Visits to the other driver ensued, dire warnings given, apologies extracted. Mum says the police couldn't gave been more concerned.

So it's nice to be able to say a big thanks to the Cambridgeshire constabulary for looking after my parents. 

And to warn everyone - don't swear at the police. They REALLY don't like it.

PS. Would love to have seen the drivers face when they told her she'd been volleying endless abuse at a retired vicar...

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