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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Iowa: A totally amazing infographic, 2 totally amazing facts, and how the convention delegates get split.

1. New York Times has an amazing graphic of the vehicles and personnel used by each candidate in Iowa. Full graphic can be found here, but for a taster, compare the rather different resources of the two 'winners'...(click to enlarge)

(H/t to @sunny_hundal who tweeted this out earlier).

2. The two candidates spent very different sums as well...

...but as my good friend @tommorton pointed out earlier - the Iowa election overall makes us all look like electoral paupers...

3. While Iowa operates a proportional system for dividing delegates to the electoral convention, things are not exactly straightforward from here on in....

Here's what happens next (h/t to the Huffington post here)

The results of the caucus voting, however, do not directly determine which candidate will win the support of Iowa's voters for the presidential nomination. In fact, the caucuses are just first step in the process. Each caucus selects delegates to send to each of the 99 county conventions, which are held in March. At the county conventions, Democrats select delegates to district conventions where delegates to the state convention are chosen. Republicans bypass the district convention stage, choosing delegates to their state convention at the county conventions. Both party's state conventions are held in June. Only then, when state convention delegates cast their votes for delegates to the national party conventions, that Iowa's preferred presidential candidate's in each major party will be determined.

Clear? Excellent....

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