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Monday 16 April 2012

Conference Checks - Time to make your feelings plain.

I was all set to write a piece outlining my views on conference accreditation when Caron sent around this rather excellent piece that said everything I wanted to say and more - so pop over over there to read her contribution.

But the long and the short of it is that the FCC have asked for comments on what the party thinks of the need to get accreditation for conference. They sent it on Saturday afternoon, and you only have a week to make your feelings plain.

There's an e mail address to respond to conferenceinformation@libdems.org.uk

Given the views expressed in and around conference on this issue last year, you may feel that the view of the party was obvious. But given that an amendment to stop reject accreditation ever being used again was rejected last year (see last line in this article), the FCC does have a point in asking for views.

So lets make sure we get them to them.


Here's the main part of the motion passed at Conference:

Conference therefore condemns the system of police accreditation adopted for this conference  which requires party members to disclose personal data to the police and which is designed to enable the police to advise that certain party members should not be allowed to attend.
1.The Parliamentary Party and Liberal Democrat Ministers to question the current policeguidance on accreditation and to seek to persuade the Home Office to change guidance on  current practice to reflect the rights of association and assembly and the internal democracy  of all political parties.
2. The Federal Conference Committee to negotiate security arrangements for futureconferences which protect the privacy of members’ personal data and which respect theparty’s constitution and internal democracy.
3. The Party President to ensure that conference arrangements respect Article 6 of the federal constitution which provides that Local Parties elect representatives and that no other body within or without the party has the power to exclude in advance their attendance at conference.

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