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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Have you ever seen Tim Farron and Metal Mickey in a room together?

I was pondering on a fun suggestion earlier today that Tim Farron's amazing ability to interact with members in Twitter conversations in which he features - and it IS amazing - might suggest he is in fact a Twitter-bot...for how else can he possibly find the time...

...and then I remembered someone sent me THIS earlier. You don't think Tim could be...oh my gosh...it would explain a lot...he does get a hell of a lot done if there was just the one of him..but what if there are several... :-)



  1. Ah, but you're looking in the wrong place for the future politician in 'Metal Mickey'...

  2. Hang on, this sounds like excellent knowledge. Who is it ?????

  3. If you check the Wikipedia entry for the show, check out Janey...

  4. Thanks Mark - Amazing! and excellent knowledge!!!

    Here's the link everyone...