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Friday 18 May 2012

Normal Service is being resumed now. And Border Controls.

Sorry: been away on Business. This is where I have been.

Do feel free to play 'Guess the City'

Now it is currently fashionable to mention 'how was the Border service?' when you re enter the country. I have to say ta Terminal 4 on Weds evening, the queue for EU citizens was not onerous (15 minutes) and the man at the desk was efficient.

But...I would have walked through the automatic chip recognition exits with no queue at all if it wasn't for the fact...

They were all shut :-)


  1. You will tell us the city, won't you?

    I can't place the photo in any city I know. :(

  2. Of course!

    Here are some clues.

    You may be ably to make out some gold leaf on many of the church turrets.

    And there are several wedding cakes dotted around the picture.

    Will post the answer tomorrow

  3. Ah, found it. Searching for the company's name that is visible then even helped me find the exact location. :)