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Friday, 18 May 2012

Oh dear. Who to believe. What a quandry

According to the Guardian...

It's a tough job working for a bailed-out bank that owes the taxpayer about £20bn – so exhausting, indeed, that Lloyds Banking Group dispatched a dozen top bosses on a luxury spa break at Champneys designed to teach them to eat like an executive and learn how to be more effective "hunter-gatherers in the corporate jungle". 
The celebrity spa resort created a "bespoke programme" to prevent the executives from "bail out, burn out or being booted out". The bank is just under 40% owned by the UK taxpayer.
Now, there are two lines on this and who paid for it. According to Lloyds:
"It is important to stress that this was a free one-off event that a small group attended last year at the request of a customer who wanted feedback on a new programme they planned to launch. It was arranged by a senior executive who no longer works for the group."
But then there's the view of the CEO of Champneys, quoted in The Guardian
However, the chief executive of Champneys, Stephen Purdew, said: "Of course they bloody paid for it." 
I wonder who is more likely to be correct...

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