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Thursday, 14 June 2012

We all need to help Julian Huppert

So the draft snooping bill has been published and now the fight really starts.

Many thanks to Julian Huppert who took part in a conference call with Lib Dem bloggers tonight. In the few minutes I was on it (before I realised that the mute button on my phone didn't work and everyone else was being treated to the sound effects of the 18:20 from Waterloo) I learnt that:

1. The cross party committee who will report on the draft will consist of 6 members each of the House of Lords & Commons. One representative from each house will be a Lib Dem - Julian for the Lib Dems from the Commons.

2. Julian has sought and been given reassurances from the DPM's office that if the bill is not changed to reflect something that is acceptable to the Lib Dems, then there will be no bill - we will block it. This isn' the preferred option - we would like a bill that is in line with the motion passed at Spring Conference. But if that cannot be agreed we retain the right of (effective) veto (unless Labour vote with the Tories of course!).

3. The committee will report back by end of November and will be inviting submissions to be made over the summer.

Time to get writing!

1 comment:

  1. My big concern about this is that I'll get caught for all the illegal things I do; so hopefully you guys will prevail!