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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

First responses to the reshuffle

My reshuffle that is (both of them)

Well the biggest debate was around...Scottish Secretary. Strangely the debate on the blog and especially in my twitter feed was not so much around the fate of Michael Moore (although one commentator said 'We'll have no getting rid of Moore talk after his stellar performance on Scotland Bill') and more universal distaste for my idea that Cameron might plonk Michael Gove on the Scots. Despite being a Scot, he was clearly seen as an English MP, and a very unpopular choice - possibly enough to tip the balance on Independence towards the Yes camp in may people's views.

If this is true of course - and Cameron can see it to be true - it won't happen. But will Cameron see it? And indeed is this a very Lib Dem view? the main anti Gove argument was that he is a Tory and a Tory cannot be Scottish Secretary? There was also a concern that he doesn't have a Scottish mandate - but of course as one person pointed out this is also true of the Welsh Secretary.

We shall see...

Most folk liked my promotions of Cable and Clarke but were convinced it would never happen.

Others were surprised at my promotion of Shapps to Health. You're right to be. But remember this isn't my reshuffle, its my reshuffle if I were Cameron, with a Lib Dem bias. I think Shaps is coming into cabinet - but i think he'll be given a portfolio where he can do no harm. this could Environment or DCMS but i went for Health on the basis that he already has a 'social' portfolio, it will go down well on the back benches if Shapps is given a biggish job - and the legislation is in place already so he can't change much.

Having said that, this was the area of comment that gave me most food for thought and wondered if I had this right. I think Cameron will do it - maybe I should have gone for someone more to our taste. But if I were PM, I would have to sell this in to the backbenches so...

Anyway, everyone thinks Lansley is out.

I thought Laws to education and sacking May altogether would attract comment but nothing so far

Finally again, not too much passionate support for Danny. I think there seems general acceptance that if Laws is coming back, Danny or Michael will make way.Can't be much fn for them - but either way I think a strategic job looking after the election (Danny) or the referendum (Michael) awaits.

Anyway, keep the comments coming either here, on the original post or on twitter (@richardmorrisuk)

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