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Friday 6 July 2012

If not Vince - who....?

As this excellent article in The Daily Telegraph makes clear, Osborne's number as Chancellor may finally be up. And while we'd probably all like that job to go to Vince, the views expressed by the Conservative faithful about the sage of Twickenham may make this difficult for David Cameron.

So if not Vince - and I honestly hope that it would be - who would be our choice for Chancellor from the ranks of Conservative ministers?

I have put up a poll on the top right where you can vote for who you would LIKE (not who you think is most likely) to be Chancellor if it has to be a Conservative minister. I have listed who I think the possible candidates are - but do write in a comment if I've missed anyone. For completeness I have included Gideon, should you think he is the best choice available.

If you are viewing this post on a mobile, scroll to the bottom and click on 'view web version' of this site and the poll will then appear.

See you in a week...

Meantime, don't forget to add a #vinceforchancellor hashtag to any relevant tweets...

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