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Monday, 20 August 2012

Mo Farah. Our Olympic Local Hero

Yes, I've still got Olympic fever...

Mo Farah lives and works in Richmond Borough  - he trains at the brilliant facilities at St Mary's in Teddington and here's his gold letterbox in Broad Street.

Here's a statement from Liberal Democrat Group leader on the council, Stephen Knight

“Mo Farah has very close connections with the borough, having lived and worked in Teddington and trained at St Mary’s College in Strawberry Hill.  His achievement of winning two gold medals at 5,000m and 10,000m must be an inspiration to so many young people.  The Royal Mail has already honoured his achievements with a gold mailbox on Broad Street, Teddington.  It would be fitting for the council to also honour his achievements by granting him the ‘Freedom of the Borough’.

I'm sure this is a motion that will be passed without debate.

And hats off Mo. I stand in awe.


  1. Without wishing to detract at all from Mo Farah's sporting achievement (not to mention his fundraising work for the Horn of Africa), he does actually live in Portland, Oregon now.

  2. Don't spoil the illusion :-) I'm still going to see it. I don't suppose Royal Mail can paint a US box gold