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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

So, fellow readers. Which party leader did we decide was going first

I asked in my last poll 'Which party leader will lose their position first?'

Even with a huge Lib Dem bias to this blogs readership, the answer was fairly clear.

I guess if anyone is safe right now it would be Ed Miliband. Ahead in the polls, and (since this poll closed) seemingly nailed on to win the next election, with the demise of the boundary changes. Though things do change...

But I wonder if Nick's position is truly that much weaker than Cameron's. Partly because Cameron's decision to press on with boundary changes looks rather like the act of a desperate man (or does it? - more of that in my next post). And partly because if any party finds it easier to ditch a leader than the others, it's the Tories.

It's a tiny sample (far less people voted than in previous polls - perhaps Olympic Fever made getting people to focus on this sort of thing more difficult. But it doesn't make pleasant reading for Nick. It will interesting to see what the results of the latest LDV vote, especially the Nick Clegg questions, tell us.


  1. It doesn't measure how marginal people's answers are though. If you'd asked "how long have they got left: a week, a month, a year, a parliament" maybe Clegg and Cameron would have emerged much closer.

    As it is that could be 15 people all thinking Clegg will be given the boot in four weeks and Cameron will be gone in a month 8)

  2. You make an excellent point :-)

    You might like the' a plague on all your houses' piece I wrote in The New Statesman yesterday
    (which Blogger won't let me post but I'm sure you'll find it)