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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A few thoughts on F41: No Government above the law – the Justice and Security Bill

1. I welcome the vote of conference on this measure. Secret courts have no place in British justice, and secret evidence unchallenged and unseen by one side is no justice at all.
2. Jo Shaw gave the speech of the week in proposing the motion. I thought she was fantastic. I hope she stands again for the party in 2015 and gets elected. We need more Jo Shaws.
3. I so wish Julian Huppert hadn't been put up to defend the wrecking amendment. Julian is a top MP who is doing fantastic work on defeating the #snooping bill. I don't like him tainted by association in trying to defend the current illiberal bill.
4. In fact, what on earth was the leadership thinking about trying in any way to defend this bill (as the wrecking amendment did).
5. I have already read that the leadership think conference has approved this motion because the grass roots 'simply don't understand' . Quite wrong. Conference understands perfectly well. That's why they approved the motion.
6. The wrecking amendment did however provide a useful purpose - it gave members the chance to amend the bill but not defeat it. they chose not to accept that option. MPs cannot now win further 'concessions' from theres May and then vote for the bill. They should obey the will of conference.

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