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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

All Ministers are Equalities. But some are more equalities than others....

So, a week after the reshuffle, the reshuffle has one more surprise up its sleeve.

Of course, all Lib Dems will welcome the appointment of Jo Swinson to the equalities role. She will do a fine job. But it does beg a few questions...

1. What did Lynn Featherstone do wrong, that resulted in her having the equalities brief removed?
2. Why did this happen a week after the reshuffle? Why wasn't it sorted at the same time?
3. There are now no less than three equalities ministers - what will they all do?
4. If this was an afterthought...why did it take until the grass roots were in uproar before it was sorted? Is this another failure of the leadership to make the right call on a key area?
5. Why, several hours after the announcement, did the Equalities Department make no mention of Jo's appointment? (I write this on 11/9/12 at 23:12. There's no mention at this time).
6. Was the 'bigot' press release a cock up - or a deliberate conspiracy? Either way - it has fairly obliterated the media message of Jo's appointment.

But despite all that - I am pleased.


Good luck Jo


  1. There are probably only two who will actually do the work. Theresa May was Equalities Minister before and delegated that responsibility to Lynne. Maria Miller has cabinet responsibility and will presumably split the responsibilities between Jo and Helen Grant, with Helen getting the stuff she has a good track record on like domestic violence and Jo getting body confidence and equal marriage.

    Like you, I am desperate to find out what the hell went on and why it took so long. It sounds like a tough fight in there.

  2. "I am desperate to find out what the hell went on and why it took so long"

    At a guess, Nick Clegg didn't think things through properly, and when he saw the negative reaction within the party he (eventually) came up with a fudged solution, the details of which are still being sorted out behind the scenes.