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Friday 7 September 2012

How's this for a conspiracy theory?

Here’s a thought.

Zac Goldsmith has promised to resign and force a by election if Tory policy changes on Heathrow (By the way Zac – it has changed. Previously it was no third runway, now it’s ‘we’ll look at it again’. I notice you haven’t resigned). He is presumably waiting to see if the 3rd runway actually becomes policy. But what if he isn’t…

Zac isn’t finished with politics, even if he is disillusioned by Westminster politics. What other job do you think he might fancy? Now hold that thought.

Boris Johnson is anti third runway. He also wants to be PM. But first he has to become leader of the Conservatives, and before that even he needs to be an MP.

When asked yesterday if the Heathrow fiasco were to generate a by election would he stand, he was very equivocal indeed. It sounded like an option he would most certainly be considering.

So what if this is what is going on.

Zac resigns and forces a by election. Boris resigns in support and protest and starts a wider cross London debate about the third runway. Both elections would be about Heathrow and would require passionate and committed opponents of a third runway as candidates. Like Boris or Zac.

Boris fights Richmond Park. Zac fights Mayoral Election.

Of course there is a risk involved. Zac might not win (although the opinion polls are currently more favourable to the Tories than they were in May).

And Boris would have us to deal with here in Richmond. We’re ready for you Boris

But it would be quite something, weaken Cameron – how totally out of control would he look (and remember Zac is no fan of Cameron’s, not by any stretch of the imagination), and quite possibly kill of the 3rd runway to boot.

So chaps

If that’s not the plan, why not meet up and have a chat.

Go on. I dare you.

UPDATE. I should have mentioned that @SunnyHundal tipped me first that he thought Zac would run for Mayor one day, as I mentioned in this story - spot on it seems


  1. Hmmm, interesting. The devious mind of the Morris intrigues again. I think it's too fanciful this time, though.

    Would the Tories really win a London wide election with Zac as the candidate? Handing the mayoralty to Labour is not going to endear you to the Tory faithful you need to keep on side to elect you as leader, so I doubt Boris would take that route. However, you don't need the mayoral election at all. Zac stands down, Boris emerges as the hero to fight the by-election which he can do without resigning.

    He'd lose, though, because you Richmond Lib Dems kick ass, but he'd have made his own position stronger in the meantime.

  2. Nice one Caron, I like your nuanced version of my vision even more. Of course that's what will happen. Right, where's the leaflet printer......

  3. He better not be at City Hall talking to Boris

  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19534268 And it turns out to be true!! (At least the Boris standing in by-election bit). What a scoop (and do tell us - did you really know something we didn't?)

  5. Thank you Martin. No- was just putting 2 + 2 together :-)

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