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Tuesday 4 September 2012

I booed George Osborne at The Paralympics last night. I'm not sorry.

'Surely it can't be' said the man in the next seat when the big screen focused in on the next presenter of a medal. But when the announcer then confirmed that It was indeed George Osborne who was about to dish out the gongs, there was a momentary pause, and everyone, men, women and children starting booing.

Now let's be clear. This wasn't football stadium, aggressive, threatening booing. This was pantomime booing. It was done with smiling faces and every around me was in a fit of giggles for about 5 minutes afterwards, doubly so when someone informed us that it was trending on twitter.

Since then I've been told that I shouldn't have booed, that it was disrespectful and 'what does it say to the world about the UK'. To which I say 'nonsense'.

Firstly, from my point of view I hope it tells the world (and especially David Cameron) 'I think Osborne had done a very poor job, not only do I disagree with Plan A and want a new chancellor (ideally Vince) to enact Plan B. I also think the last budget was a disgrace and you, George Osborne' were incompetent.'

I don't think a polite round of applause would have done that.

Furthermore, I suspect many people at the event were thinking of everything George Osborne has done for the disabled. Hence booing ensued. What else would he expect?

And finally it's probably as well to remember that this crowd - which was probably a pretty broad demographic - all booed. It was a visceral and immediate reaction across the spectrum. I hope that tells the world - and George Osborne something.

No, you're right, it wasn't very respectful - though it was fun. And judging by the media reaction, I'd say the message 80000 people gave the world has got through. So no. I'm not sorry.

Sorry about that.


  1. It's all very well you booing, but your Head Nodding Party has done just that - head nodded every vile, vicious, spiteful and unnecessary attack through for your Nasty Tory masters.

  2. Well you raise an interesting point. I note David Allen green said today that he remains a LD but not a supporter of this coalition and increasingly many in the party would agree. I certainly don't agree with everything that this government has done. Coalition is many times harder than perhaps we realised.