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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Not helpful but fun....

Nick Clegg's position as leader has probably strengthened over the last  2 weeks, with a relatively quiet conference, the apology and the anti Nick campaign being fronted by Lembit. The received wisdom in the press (and in the bar gossip) seems to be that he has a year to turn the polls round.

So it's interesting jus how many names are now being bandied about  in the media as potential next leaders of the party. And I thought it might be fun to keep track between now and next Full Conference  2013 of the names I hear mentioned..

In the last month I have heard six names from various credible sources. They are:

Vince Cable
Ed Davey
Tim Farron
Jo Swinson
Jeremy Browne
Chris Huhne (huge caveats obviously apply)

I have also in recent months heard a seventh in a potential 'caretaker' capacity - Charles Kennedy. So that's over 10% of the parliamentary party to date.

One name I haven't heard yet - but expect to - is David Laws.

Who knows what other names will emerge...


Jennie Rigg has an interesting analysis of the runners and riders over at her blog - including a few names I haven't yet read in the mainstream press - but may well do!


Even as I was writing this a new name has appeared, courtesy of the Sunday Times: Danny Alexander

So that's 8 names and counting..,


  1. I was just about to come up and write to tell you that Danny has supposedly being plotting to make a future Leadership bid in the Sunday Times

  2. Definitely read Norman Lamb in a few places.

    Matt Downey

  3. Ooo Norman Lamb? I have a lot of time for Norman but haven't heard him mentioned before. Interesting

  4. I've read Steve Webb in a few places too. My vote would go to Lynne though.