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Thursday, 27 September 2012

When friends fall out aka Richard Reeves gets a Rollocking off Nick

The Sun had a small scoop yesterday, of little interest to much of the world but I would have thought of great fascination to the Lib Dem grass roots.

The leader, it would seem, is not happy.....


  1. interesting. Did Richard withold advice from the person he was advising?

  2. Certainly seems to be the implication

  3. Oh, just come across this article while Googling.

    I was rather hoping the rollocking Nick Clegg had given Mr Reeves was for writing an article on the eve of the LibDem conference advocating, in effect, that the party should commit suicide i.e. throw away most of its votes and active supporters because there's some more out there somewhere it'll pick up if it becomes more rtight-wing.

    Er hasn't Mr Reeves noticed - the LibDems have done what he says they should (or at least given the impression to the wider world they have), and they've attracted so far (to replace all those they've lost) ... ?

  4. Yes - the article as very poor advice in my view. I suspect rather too many in Westminster can't see the woods for the trees...