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Monday, 22 October 2012

The right have class snobbery. It seems the left think they are too clever by half

I think we're all clear about the issues the Tory brand have with class. If we're not, have a read of this rather excellent piece. Says it all.

But I do wonder if the left aren't about to fall into a similar trap. As Ed M starts to glory in his 'inner geek' and placards like this are proudly displayed as the left marches through London....

(h/t George Eaton)

Don't get me wrong, of course it's funny.

But like the best humour, I suspect its also rooted in a truth - that the left think they are intellectually superior to...well, everyone else really.

Its their Achiles heel - and just as class with the Tories, sooner or later someone will pick them up on it.


  1. Surely that is the whole point; Conservatism and Christianity is where you get to if you just accept the world as told to you but if you use your brain you become a left-wing atheist.

  2. An interesting thesis that I shall ponder anon.... :-)