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Monday, 12 November 2012

No one cares about this BBC story, you know....

I will wander home past the front door of the BBC shortly. It's a shortcut to the tube. The area outside will be thronged with camera crews and press, as it has been all day. There was even a helicopter hovering over it this morning, presumably expecting someone like Tim Davie to abseil from the roof as he slipped out for a power brunch...

But check out the most read stories on today (at 6.20 on 12/11) on The Guardian & The Telegraph

Nary a mention of the BBC.

Makes you think, doesn't it....

1 comment:

  1. Too right. Introspection or what? Maybe a Tory obsession with an 'enemy'.

    The Savile programme was a complete storm in a tea cup. The Newsnight programme a very bad mistake by an organisation trying too hard after the Savile story flap.

    Only months ago we were marvelling at the brilliance of the Beeb over the Olympics and before that over Frozen Planet.

    The issue here is child abuse and more sinisterly paedophile rings protected by the powerful.

    These are enormous issues. The BBC is a sideshow and its getting silly.