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Friday 25 January 2013

An open letter to BBC Question Time about the Extra Guest slot

Dear BBC Question Time

This BBC Extra Guest business. I like it. I think its a great way of engaging with the programme. But what have you got against the Lib Dems and when are you going to let a Lib Dem blogger or tweeter engage with the audience?

Your last 10 guests have featured (most recent first); a Labour supporter, a libertarian, a green-and-if-not-them-Labour supporter, a neutral, a columnist writing for the Times and The Spectator who happens to be the son of a Tory MP, another neutral,  a Tory verging on the edge of libertarian, a Labour supporting journalist, a Telegraph journalist once of Labour but now backing the Republicans in the US, and Fleet Street Fox (your guess there is as good as mine, she seems equally at home at the Mail and The Mirror).

That's pretty well got all the bases covered - bar the inclusion of a Lib Dem.

It's not like you're short of options. I am of course at this point meant to say that modesty forbids me from pushing myself forward, but blow that, I do write a weekly blog for The New Statesman on the view from the Lib Dem grass roots, as well as running my own award winning blog, and I'd bite your hand off.

But if you don't fancy me - there's the current Lib Dem blogger of the Year, Mark Thompson; or the last year, Nick Thornsby. There's the founder of Lib Dem Voice, Mark Pack. There's the irrepressible Charlotte Henry from Digital Politico. There's the Queen of Lib Dem blogging, Caron Lindsay. I could go on. But you get the idea

So please can you stick one of us in the Extra Guest hot seat.

We'll stir the pot. And you have had two Libertarians and a green before you got to us...


Richard Morris

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