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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Manifesto News

According to Duncan Hames...

“Nick Clegg has charged David Laws and the (manifesto) Working Group with thoroughly stress-testing the deliverability and affordability of the future manifesto and to build on the approach of the last manifesto by clearly identifying our top priorities for a future government"

I seem to recall we said the same about the last manifesto

Presumably abolishing tuition fees is a shoe in then?

PS: Here's the full working committee

David Laws MP, Chair
•        Sharon Bowles MEP, Vice-Chair
•        Duncan Brack, Vice-Chair (FPC Vice-Chair)
•        Nick Clegg MP (Leader, FPC Member)
•        Tim Farron MP (President, FPC Member)
•        Duncan Hames MP (FPC Chair)
•        Cllr Dr Julie Smith (FPC Vice-Chair)
•        Dr Julian Huppert MP (FPC Vice-Chair)
•        Jenny Willott MP (FPC Member)
•        Baroness Sal Brinton (FPC Member)
•        Jo Swinson MP
•        Lord John Shipley

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