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Monday 28 January 2013

New Parliamentarians - who's got your vote?

While we'd all* like to see an elected Upper Chamber, it is not to be for now - and so the process continues to try and at least make the House of Lords membership broadly representative of the membership of the Commons

To that end - the Daily Mail suggests 15 new Lib Dem members of the House of Lords will be named this week - and they suggest Rumi Verjee will be one. 

But this turned my thoughts to who the other 14 might be. Remembering that I know absolutely nothing and have no inside information whatsoever (before the Lord Chancellor's office or whatever get on the blower), here are a few suggestions of who might make the list.

Do make your own suggestions. And add your criticisms. And do remember - it's just fun...

Olly Grender

Neil Sherlock
Julian Astle
Mark Pack
Chris Fox
Gerald Vernon Jackson
Ian Wrigglesworth
Fiona Hall
Evan Harris
Richard Reeves
Sharon Bowles
Brian Paddick
James Gurling
Tim Leunig

So? Am I barking mad?

* yes, alright, obviously not you Lord Steel....


A C McGregor makes an excellent point here...


  1. Other considerations aside, I'd have thought the fact that Rumi Verjee (through Brompton Capital) has donated £11,000 to a Conservative MP would raise some questions about his commitment to the party. Whether he has offered any explanation I don't know.

    1. TBH me neither - but as he's the only name mentioned in the Mail piece it would have seemed churlish not to mention him...

      Didn't know that about the MP donations - if true, would seem a trifle odd!

  2. It was Andrew Mitchell, of all people:

  3. Some good names there, but a key one missing....

    1. who Charlotte, who Charlotte. Is it going to be Baroness Henry of White Hart Lane?

  4. I see two current MEPs on your list. I believe it's not now allowed to be a member of the EP and House of Lords at the same time. So they could act immediately.

  5. Perhaps Evan Harris would like a crack at Eastleigh?

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