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Friday, 8 February 2013

My Eastleigh shortlist; revised and updated...the favourite's dropped off...

...since last night. It's all changed since I had a lot of feedback last night. Most of it totally uninformed so this is still guessing. Scroll to the bottom to see updates of people saying 'wrong wrong wrong'.

*Late Runner --- Justine McGuinness --- Late Runner*

(Sunday morning update - ha; all wrong. Congrats to Mike Thornton - and good luck!!!)

2-1 Louise Bloom   (NEW)

New favourite. Eastleigh Councillor, former member of the GLA, much admired in the part nationally and locally, HOW DID I FORGET HER YESTERDAY???

4-1 Gerald Vernon-Jackson (from 2-1)

Still second favourite but the leader of Portsmouth City Council has drifted in the odds due to the large number of folk saying a Portsmouth Councillor will never get a Southampton seat...

7-1 Tim Leunig (from 6-1)

Drifting as no one showing any interest

9-1 Olly Grender (from 8-1)

See Tim Leunig

12-1 Sara Yong (New)

Not a clue if she's got an earthly. But there's a whisper about her. And she's opening the Conference rally apparently...

15-1 Keith House (15-1)

Leader of the Council, a formidable campaiger who has increased the local Lib Dem share of the vote. Keith would be the nailed on red hot unbeatable favourite if he wanted it. But he says he doesn't...

20-1 Anne Winstanley (20-1)

Deputy Leader of the council, again very popular locally, and a name that keeps getting asked about. But there's no buzz around her on the net so I'm guessing she's not interested

50-1 Martin Tod (from evens favourite)

Should be a million to one on the basis that he tweeted last night that he hadn't applied, which is such a shame, he'd have been brilliant. Can't quite bring myself to put him below...

100-1 Lembit

He's been mentioned. Sure it was a joke....


10.14 Louise Bloom is out. And apparently there's still an obvious name I am missing

11:11 The excellent Mr Valladeres has suggested Sandra Gidley, former Lib Dem MP for the constituency next door; top, top suggestion....

18:24 Justine Baker and Emily Davey also now been suggested


  1. Sandra Gidley. Represented the neighbouring constituency. Still alive, not in the Lords. A possibility, I presume.

  2. I assume that your list is based on absolutely no actual information at all?

    A number of those people have ruled themselves out or are not approved candidates.

    1. Not completely 'no actual information at all' as when I have some I put it up - eg. Martin Tod. And people have been known to rule themselves out of things in the past and then be, ahem, persuaded, to stand ' (" I have no personal ambition but I have been persuaded for the good of the party and the country that....").

      But you are largely correct - I am speculating!

      It's just meant to be fun. And people who I read my blog tend to like a gossip and a good guess

  3. You need to check out the Lib Dem Leadership programme, some amazing candidates on there...i expect to see Emily Davey apply possibly Justine Baker. Big shame about Martin Tod, he is fantastic....Keith House would be great to but would be a really big loss to the council if he stood and didnt win.
    I remain to be convinced that Sandra Gidley would want to go through it all again, although she would be a real asset to have back in the House

    1. Justine would be great and I wondered about her applying - vaguely her neck of the woods; wonder how it would work with Emily in Southampton and Ed in Kingston - i know its only up the M3 but still...

      anyway, not long to wait now...

  4. David Goodall - recent PCC candidate (so approved) and Eastleigh councillor? Liz Leffman?

  5. Sharon Bowles would make an absolutely amazing MP and would deserve immediate promotion if elected. But would Eastleigh want to go down the MEP to MP route?