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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cabinet Posts: Time for a Vote

As the debate begins once again about who, in the event of an hung Parliament we would be most likely (or most like) to go into Government with (and of course the answer is, who ever the arithmetic dictates and we can do a deal with), I'd like to ponder a different question.

Which seats round the cabinet table would we like?

Now of course, the number of seats will be driven by how successful we are at the election.

But I thought - let's give everyone 5 votes and then see the rank order of popularity or importance readers give those seats.

So have a vote in the box on the top right (if reading on a mobile, you'll need to go to click on 'full web version' to see the box), tick the 5 posts you'd most like a Lib Dem to fill in May 2015, and we'll see what we all think.

I have omitted one post - PM; as with the best will in the world its hard to see we'll be the largest party post 2015.

and I've added one post which seems likely to be 'invented' - Sec of State for Women.

I have also included a few posts that while real do not necessarily have full cabinet status currently.

Get voting!

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