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Saturday, 21 September 2013

So Nick, David, Danny et al, when you're in that room in 2015...

...negotiating a potential coalition, here's how the readers of 'A View from Ham Common' rank the import of the various cabinet posts that may be on offer.

To recap - every voter had 5 votes to distribute to the 5 posts they would most like us to have. PM was not an option. I counted the Treasury as one option (Chancellor) even though it's two roles. The results (in descending order ) were

Environment (44%)
International Development (41%)
DPM/ Constitutional affairs (35%)
Scotland (35%)
Communities (32%)
Wales (32%)
Education (29%)
Energy (29%)
Business (26%)
N.Ireland (26)
DCMS (26%)
Home Sec (23%)
Treasury (23%)
Justice (20%)

Anything else scored less than 20%

The results are surprising, are they not?

None of the 'Big 3' departments  - Treasury, Home Office, FCO  - feature highly.
The top 2 are departments where we don't currently hold the cabinet post

Despite the fact that we have had no end of Civil Libs trauma with the Home Office, it seems we would be happy to let the other party hold on to it.

Despite our failure to get much done on the big constitutional areas, Election Reform and House of Lords Reform, we're keen to hang on to it.

And environment - where we didn't have a single minister until after the reshuffle - comes top.

Quite a surprise I think


  1. This is a frightening lack of ambition here... or gumption..

    International Development? That may be a "Motherhood and Apple Pie" ministry but how really does it move the dial for any of the voters we need to attract?

    Dare I ask the total number of voters on this survey to reassure myself that it was the tiniest fraction of our membership.....and thus not a representative sample.

  2. Possibly people were bearing in mind what they thought we might be able to get, as well.

  3. Madness. Give us the Home Office and Constitutional Affairs and the other parties can have the rest, as far as I'm concerned...