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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Top ten Political Punchups - Now with extra Godfrey Bloom

In no particular order...

1. Iain Dale um, 'protecting' Damien McBride...

You know, because Damien really doesn't know how to look after himself.... (click here for the video)

2. The Prescott Punch

3. They're angry. They shout. They point. They throw things. A desk turns over...

...and then one of them pulls a gun. Live TV in Jordan

4. Pakistan Politicians

Watch the guy in the middle. He can see what's coming. And he looks petrified. Then after the fight, he gets his glass nicked. And then, when the main protagonist in the fight has left the scene - he gets much more angsty...

5. In the Ukraine, it's not one on one: IT'S ONE IN ALL IN

6. As it seems it is in Venezuela

7. In Greece, being a woman is no protection from a very nasty piece of work

8. Although in Argentina, it seems the fairer sex are not afraid to throw a punch

 9. And In Taiwan, its like all in female wrestling

10. Only in America it seems, do politicians not fight. Because even when one of them is really up for a punch up, no one is inclined to join in. Although the politicians surrounding this chap appear to be the very definition of passive aggression, as their refusal to join in drives him ever wilder...

UPDATE Goodness. I forgot Godfrey Bloom


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