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Monday, 24 March 2014

I'm not in The Independent

I wrote a piece for The New Statesman last week arguing the case that after the importance of the pensions changes in the budget (and the fact he proposed the motion on the economy at the last Autumn Conference), Steve Webb must be in the frame for the Shadow Chancellor's job for the General Election Campaign.

Stephen Tall was kind enough to reference it on both his own blog and Lib Dem Voice on Saturday when making  how own case that Vince Cable should get the job.

And I would agree that there is a strong case for Vince; indeed I made that point myself, a few days back, on this blog.

What I did find interesting is that in the comments on Stephen's post there is lots of support for Vince, a little for Danny but nary a mention for Steve.

And indeed, when The Independent took up the story today, Steve doesn't get a mention again.

I genuinely think Steve Webb should be in with a shout at least  of the Shadow Chancellors job.

But I suspect I am in a minority on this one.

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