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Monday, 14 March 2011

Armando Iannucci's message to us feels like 'Unforgiven'

Just before the Spring conference started I blogged about what I hoped would be coming out of it – and my frustration at how difficult it was to get people to debate with us. Even as I typed it I received an appropriate tweet from Armando Iannucci so I added the following addendum to the post:

“Just seen this Tweet from Armando Iannucci (@Aiunnucci on twitter).

‘Tomorrow, Lib Dems vote whether to back changes to NHS. Let's see if they're upright and principled or a clump of twats’.

Well: at least he’s willing to give us a hearing….’

Well after the NHS vote I sent Armando a tweet on Saturday to tell him we’d done (in my eyes at least, and presumably his) the right thing. I didn’t expect anything back, although I do know from his various activities that this is a topic he’s very passionate about.

Then, on Sunday, this is the tweet that Armando published.

“RT @sturdyAlex http://t.co/6RTu9DY >> good articulation of why people like me who went and voted LibDem feel so rogered senseless by them.

Everyone should have a read of the article he attached (written by another blogger but presumably expressing views he endorses). None of us will like it much, but it’s well written, well reasoned and clearly an honestly held opinion.

And this to me is the mountain we now have to climb. People feel betrayed by us, mostly on tuition fees, partly on the speed of the cuts. We get no credit with them for all the good things we do (and I can send Armando a list of good things as long as your arm) - because this basic level of betrayal still burns so strong. We’re like a philandering husband, who has spent months doing everything we can to say sorry for straying – but its frankly up to our partner when they’re willing to trust us again, and no amount of begging is going to change that. All we can do is keep doing the right things, telling them we’re doing the right things - and not doing anything to betray them again.

And hope they don’t find anyone more attractive in the meantime.

It’s frustrating. As we all know it’s very hard work. But when we can get Armando Iannucci to at least talk to us again, then we’ll be making some sort of progress.

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