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Thursday, 25 August 2011

#handsofftwitter : update

Thanks all round to the gazillions of people and organisations who added a #handsofftwitter hashtag to their tweets today, it's great to see so many of them. Special thanks to Julian Huppert, the many media organisations and comms agencies, and also the MP's from Labour and Green parties (narrows the field, that last one, doesn't it) who were all non partizan and tweeted the tag as well. I'm sure there are others I should have mentioned, so apologies and thanks to them.

It seems that good news has emerged from the meeting with The Guardian (and others) reporting that the Home Office and the Met Police are backing down on the proposals.

Any while that shouldn't mean we let our guard down - it's got to be good news.

Thanks again everyone


Extra Special thanks to Gordon Macmillan, editor at Brand republic, who not only RT'd my original tweet, but then wrote this which got lost of attention. Great stuff.

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