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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Today's the day. #handsofftwitter

Representaives of all the Social Networks are meeting with the Home Secretary today to discuss the effect of Twitter et al on the riots.

David Cameron and the Acting Commissioner of The Met have both mooted the notion that the police should have the power to turn off social networks if they deem it appropriate, while the Tory MP and member of the DCMS Select Committee Louise Mensch has run a high profile campaign endorsing this thought (ironically enough, using Twitter).

Today by all accounts the networks are going to give a firm rejection of this threat to freedom of speech. It also says a lot that the Chinese Government think it's a terribly good idea. Which surely should give pause for thought.

So please take a moment today - why not do it now? - to post something on whichever Social Network you use to tell the government that the right to access Social Media at all times should be as guaranteed in Trafalgar Square as Tahir Square or Martyrs Square.

And if you're doing it on Twitter please add the hashtag #handsofftwitter which we're trying to get trending.


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