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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Hanging Debate. Why (and how) we should get involved

It's got everyone riled, hasn't it?

Guido and the right are pushing it.

We're against (with the odd exception)

There seems a lot of debate about whether we should debate the topic at all as a party (nicely analysed and criticised over at Andrew Emmerson's blog)

Then there is a debate about whether, even if the requisite 100 000 people sign up for the Guido e petition, it should still be debated in Parliament. And while I am set against every aspect of the death penalty, I do think if 100 000+ people ask their elected representatives to debate it, then they should (ideally it will get defeated something like 645-5). I did find the tweeted suggestion earlier today that if someone launched a petition to say that parliamaent should NOT debate the restoration of the death penalty, that would be a petition they'd sign. But i'm not sure stopping debate is very liberal.

Fortunately, an alternative is at hand. Lib Dem Martin Shapland has created an e petition and a camapign calling for Parliament to reatain the band on the death penalty. You can sign up for it by clicking on this link and registering your support. I would encourage each and every person who reads this blog to do so - it takes 2 minutes.

Hats off to Martin Shapland for doing this.

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  1. At 1600h Thursday the e-petitionsite kept crashing, reportedly due to unexpectedly high demand..