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Thursday, 4 August 2011

@LizJonesSomalia. Funny. Pointed. Now making money for the DEC. So Brilliant as well.

Liz Jones wrote the most dreadful piece in The Mail the other day ahead of her trip to Somalia to cover the famine.. Brian Kellett wrote the most brilliant reply in response.

Not long after I received a tweet from @lizjonesSomalia saying this:

I'm starving! Nothing like a business class flight to make you hungry.

I was horrified. It took another tweeter to point out that this was in fact a spoof. Which says a lot about me, but also quite a lot about the reputation Liz Jones has developed...

Anyway, the @lizjonesSomalia twitter account has been sending out a stream of very funny tweets for some days now. But I still had this nagging doubt about the morality of the whole thing - for while its aim is clearly to attack Liz Jones and all she stands for, was it doing it at the expense of the famine ridden people of Somalia?

I needn't have worried.

Today I received this tweet.

An important statement about the FAKE Twitter feed @LizJonesSomalia http://bit.ly/q5xRO6

Click on the link and all is revealed - plus the organiser has set up a Just Giving account for the DEC appeal in Somalia.

A few hours later they have been given nearly £7000.

Please do visit the site and if you feel so inclined give them some money. There's no more worthy cause, and hopefully it will give Liz Jones something to think about.

And do follow @lizjonesSomalia as well. It's very funny.

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