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Friday, 10 February 2012

Don't let the Tories take the credit for killing the NHS Bill

I have no issue with the piece Tim Montgomerie has written on Conservative Home this morning about the NHS bill. It's a well balanced and fair report on the history of the bill, the pressures that have played out to change it, and the excellent arguments for dropping it now.

However, I am perturbed by a more general theme that seems to be emerging. That it is the Tories who are going to kill the bill. That is the Tory's who are then going to run through some sensible and reasonable changes. And David Cameron will have saved the NHS.

You can see it already in the 'seeding' of the mentions of 3 key cabinet ministers who have set themselves against the bill. And look at the main headline on The Guardian right now...

So let's not forget that it was the Lib Dem grass roots who set the pace on getting this bill changed. That it was a barnstoming speech by Shirley Williams that set the tone for the debate (see her hand written speech notes here).  That it was the Social Liberal Forum that led much of that debate. And that it is Lib Dem Grass Roots who are keeping the pressure firmly on.

Of course, it's not all just us. every professional medical body seems to have turned their face against the changes as well. But one things for certain. It is the Tories who have led this charge and and it is they who are culpable for this whole mess.

Let's not let them take the credit for saving the NHS.

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