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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Nadine Dorries, please apologise for this tweet

Call me over sensitive if you like, but I found the news that 29 people in the US had been killed by tornadoes rather sad.

Nadine Dorries however, saw it as an opportunity for a 'hysterical' joke.

She should withdraw it immediately. And apologise.

And yes. I know she is making a point about dyslexia. But it's still disrespectful to everyone who lost family and friends in this disaster. What next? Puns about Tsunamis?


  1. This post could be a new definition of 'joyless', 'overreaction' or 'pointless'. I totally disagree with your knee jerk assertions on the basis of that tweet from MP Dorries

  2. I think this rates fairly low on the Dorries Scale. You'd be better saving your ire for the next time she says something truly stupid. It probably wasn't a joke at all, more likely a completely factual tweet.

  3. Ridiculous. Get a life.

  4. Once again Dorries is being completely egotistical. Don't you see? It is all about HER!

  5. When I read your opening sentence, I thought it said tomatoes, too. Probably not the wisest thing to have tweeted given her profile, but then we're used to silliness from La Dorries. This is something less than the damaging spin (ahem) that generally blows from that direction.

  6. Was it a joke, or was it just an observation? I don't really see her saying 'LOL ROTFL' afterwards or anything. As it happens, I read 'tomatoes' too.