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Friday, 30 March 2012

The next Leader of the Labour Party

Well, I've been waiting to write this for a while and the Bradford West By Election result has given me the perfect excuse to post it. Now that Ed Miliband's leadership is once again under the microscope, the debate can start once again about who is best placed to replace him.

And, like a Bradford High Street bookie (they closed the books on Galloway winning on Wednesday  - they knew...) - I know who the next leader will be.

Here is my scientific analysis that will reveal the next leader.

Do a Google image search on Ed Miliband: you quickly find this.

Repeat the exercise for David Miliband: Guess what...

Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper? Doesn't get any better...

Then try Alastair Darling. All you get, is page after page of this...

No pictures in silly hats; no dancing; no staged photo's holding a pasty. The best you can come up with is that he has a vague similarity to one of the Muppets.

Dull yes. Grey yes. But safe.

You mark my words. next time, Labour will go safety first.

They wont want to see any of this...


  1. Let me see. Darling preside over the bail-out of Northern Rock and the car industry, and watched from the sidelines as the Bank of England propped up private capital markets. Since then, he has taken 'a year out' rather than fight for capital market reform. How, exactly, does that make him a candidate?

    If this was Iceland, Gordon, Eddie (RIP) and Alistair could be in front of the Landsdómur.

    Labout needs to sweep out those linked to the crisis and welcome in a new bunch, pronto.

  2. Actually, I suspect many in the Lib Dems would find forming a coalition with Labour easier under Darling than with many others (and certainly Nick seems to have completely ruled out doing a deal with Ed M).

    Don't disagree with your points - but I suspect the year out has distanced Darling rather successfully from both the debacle of the Miliband leadership and made him seem more distant from the last labour Government.

    Plus he hasn't been rejected as Leader before, unlike Balls, D. Miliband and Burnham. Only Yvette Cooper of the other likely candidates can say that.

  3. I've no idea. I hear Rachel Reeves is tipped, mainly because she is young enough to distance herself. Labour could be in for a long slog.

  4. Milliband MUST stay. He is ABSOLUTELY the best person to lead Labour right now.

    Please let him stay. Pleeeease.

  5. Neil: Again, I think Rachel Reeves is v good (that shot of her in Greggs not withstanding); but not sure they'd be quite ready to make that jump (however right she may be for the job). I suspect she's be a very good leader and a strong opponent - but I doubt they are brave enough to choose her.

    Tom - v good...