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Monday, 24 September 2012


So readers, how do we feel about promotions generally.

I ask for two reasons.

1. I have clicked the google ad sense box and so my blog now has some ads on it. I have mixed feelings on this. I don't think much of the look of the ads themselves, but think they may make the site look a bit more professional?

Do they hinder from the message of the blog?

And as I'm likely to make about a £1 from their presence, and I end up looking all commercial and grasping in exchange for no real financial gain( they have been there for a morning and Google tells me so far they have generated absolutely no income) - should I jack them in?

On the other hand, I do work in the media, directly in advertising for many years - so I'd be a tad hypocritical to be anti ads...

I would value feedback

2. When I write a post I almost always tweet it - it drives traffic.

However, I have now been pulled up on this by fellow blogger Neil Monnery who thinks I have gone just a little OTT on this.

Again - is he right? Let me know.

Ideally on Twitter ( @richardmorrisuk) or in the comments below...

Cheers all, I'm off to hide my light under a bushel

1 comment:

  1. Richard - there is no problem with self-promotion. We all do it but whenever I check my TweetDeck I see you tweeting someone saying they may like this (link).

    Your blogs are good quality and stand up for themselves. You have ytour page views on your site and you are averaging a good 300 odd a day and that is a pretty darn good following so people are clearly reading.

    How I do it is I'll tweet out the link once (maybe twice if I think it's a really good one so like once when I post it and one later that night) and will tweet someone the link if they are talking about that subject and I think it's pertient to what they are tweeting about. That's it. You seem to tweet people saying 'you might enjoy this...' all the time. That's all I was saying :o)

    Hiding under a bushel in this weather probably isn't a bad idea. It is horrible out there...