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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Orwell Prize Long List

In one of those not terribly surprising turn of events, I have not been longlisted for this years Orwell prize for Blogging. It's almost like they don't CARE about the BOTYS's

Anyway, hats off to all those shortlisted especially the lone Lib Dem Blogger on the list, David Allen Green (It's also his birthday today - many happy returns).


  1. The Oewell Prize is a sham and a waste of time. The only 'bloggers' and 'writers' it recognises are those who are already established in the field.

    Now if the prize celebrated unknown writers and bloggers it would be worthy of using Orwell's name. As it stands, it is an insult to the man himself and if he were alive to day he would be shunning it.

  2. To be fair - the first winner of the prize, Nightjack, was exactly what you describe.

    A few people have said similar to you however - have you written to the people who run the prize registering your concern (they seem a genuinely nice bunch and they do reply to inquiries)