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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Is this survey very wrong of me? ho hum

With Vince Cable allegedly throwing his much loved Fedora into the leadership ring, I thought it would be fun to have a 'which of the main three parties will lose its leader first' poll. It's over in the top right (if you're reading this on mobile  go and look at the web version of this blog and you'll see it)

Here are the runners and riders

1. David Cameron - hardly flavour of the month with at least a third of his MPs, still got Lords Reform/boundary commission issue to face, and well adrift in the polls. And they do like a knifing in the Tories....

2. Ed Miliband - much derided by the Blairite faction of Labour, the Progress issue about to split the party, and while he's ahead in the polls, nowhere near as far ahead as Foot in 1981 and Kinnock in 1990 - and look how well that worked out...

3. Nick Clegg - not exactly booming in the polls, hardly the best approval ratings amongst the public - oh, you know the rest...

So folks; who gets your vote?

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