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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Here's why the 'Sorry' Autotune video works better than the original

I think everyone agrees that while Nick's original "Apology' video got people talking, it is the Autotune 'Sorry' Video that has achieved the real cut through, and perhaps made people really start evaluating the apology.


These two illustrations make the case.

Here's a word cloud of Nick's original speech on the video.

And now here's the same cloud - but for the Music Video

The first isn't dominated by any single message. There's a ton of words which share equal import and so its hard to take single message out.

The second is dominated by two words. I'm Sorry.

That's why as a piece of messaging it works. That's why it's clear. And that's why we should play it over and over again.

It's also worth noting that the word Sorry barely features in the first cloud.

The Poke have done us a huge favour.


  1. If you think any publicity is good publicity, maybe, but the fact that Clegg's approval rating has just hit a new low suggests this is not going to be beneficial to him: that people are just laughing at him now, rather than accepting - or even considering - his apology.

    Of course, one can take the view that ousting Clegg is the only hope for the party, in which case perhaps the Poke has done you a favour.

  2. I don't think anyone quite knows how the poke video or the apology will work out. But I think the latter makes the apology a lot clearer . FWIW most of the fieldwork on the Approval ratings was done before either video came out