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Friday, 4 October 2013

Tax rises coming. Any guesses?

Post conference season we've had 3 promises from ourselves and the Tories involving spending. The Good (Free School Meals) the Bad (Marriage Tax Break) and the Ugly (Help to Work)(Ugly, as there seem an awful lot of unanswered questions - but that's for another blogpost...)

We also know the costs of these - a total of £1.5bn.

And we're pretty sure they are going to be paid for by a tax hike somewhere else. How do we know? Because when challenged to deny that a tax rise was coming to pay for them (on the Radio 4 1pm news last Sunday) Philip Hammond refused to do so - instead only saying that they wouldn't be paid for by borrowing.

This promise of a tax hike appears to have been missed by commentators. They could also of course come from from further cuts - but again Hammond refused to say this.

So new taxes on the way in the Autumn Statement.

Any guesses which ones?

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